New Job as Biostatistical Analyst at the British Columbia Cancer Agency

Dear Readers and Followers of The Chemical Statistician:

My apologies for the slower than usual posting frequency in the last few months, but I have been very busy preparing for a big transition – after a long and intense selection process that started in March, I was offered a new job as a biostatistical analyst at the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA)!

Eric Cai - Official Head Shot

I was sad to leave many of the kind and friendly co-workers whom I met at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS during my 10 months of working there, but I was very excited to accept this offer and begin working for the BCCA – specifically, in the Cancer Surveillance and Outomces (CSO) Unit.  I had already met several of my new co-workers from past meetings in the Vancouver SAS User Group, and I also know 2 people who worked for long periods in this same group in the past.  From all of these interactions, I got a very positive impression about the professionalism, expertise, and collegiality of this new group, so I was delighted to join this team.

I started my new job 3 weeks ago, and was plunged into 3 projects immediately.  I have been swamped with work right from the start, so I’m still adjusting to my new schedule and surroundings.  Nonetheless, I hope to resume blogging at my usual pace as I settle into my new job.  (I just posted a new video on calculating expected counts in contingency tables using joint and marginal probabilities.)  I also hope to use my work as inspiration for blogging topics here at The Chemical Statistician.

Thank you all for your patience and continued readership.  It has been a pleasure to learn from you, and I hope to continue a successful expansion of The Chemical Statistician for the rest of 2014 and beyond!



Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated!

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