Visual index of plots and corresponding R scripts

Dear Readers of The Chemical Statistician,

Joanna Zhao, an undergraduate researcher in the Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia, produced a visual index of over 100 plots using ggplot2, the R package written by Hadley Wickham.

An example of a plot and its source R code on Joanna Zhao's catalogue.

An example of a plot and its source R code on Joanna Zhao’s catalog.

Click on a thumbnail of any picture in this catalog – you will see the figure AND all of the necessary code to reproduce it.  These plots are from Naomi Robbins‘ book “Creating More Effective Graphs”.

If you

  • want to produce an effective plot in R
  • roughly know what the plot should look like
  • but could really use an example to get started,

then this is a great resource for you!  A related GitHub repository has the code for ALL figures and the infrastructure for Joanna’s Shiny app.

I learned about this resource while working in my job at the British Columbia Cancer Agency; I am fortunate to attend a wonderful seminar series on statistics at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, and a colleague from this seminar told me about it.  By sharing this with you, I hope that it will immensely help you with your data visualization needs!

10 Responses to Visual index of plots and corresponding R scripts

  1. Thank you, exceptionally (insanely) useful resource, Thanks Joanna Zhao, every one of my student will see your page

  2. jimporzak says:

    Eric & Joanna, Brilliant!

  3. Colin says:

    Hi, I found this post from the r-blogger. Very cool work! Thanks a lot!

    Could you (or the author of these nice plots) please also provide something to show how the input data for these plots would look like? The format of the data is also important when choosing the right way to make nice plots. Thank you!

  4. Fred says:

    Brilliant!! amazing contribution from Joanna. Do you know if there is any kind of repository like this, but for interactive graphs with shiny?
    Thank you.

  5. zx8754 says:

    This error message proves how great this App is! It’s gone viral 🙂

    “Too Many Users
    Sorry, but this application has exceeded its quota of concurrent users. Please try again later.”

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