Eric’s Enlightenment for Thursday, May 7, 2015

  1. “Across the United States, more than half a million kids are poisoned by lead each year…” – much of it due to lead being used in building houses.
  2. At a global business consulting company where 80-hour work weeks are normal, 31% of men and 11% of women examined in Erin Reid’s study “managed to achieve the benefits of a more moderate work schedule without explicitly asking for it“.  Surprisingly, they “received performance reviews that were as strong as their hyper-ambitious colleagues. For people who were good at faking it, there was no real damage done by their lighter workloads”.
  3. Tom Short’s very useful reference card of major and commonly used functions in R – only 4 pages!  In case that first link ever becomes severed, here is the PDF file.
  4. I offer my deepest condolences to Sheryl Sandberg for the recent death of her husband, Dave Goldberg.  I normally post only technical information on this blog, but Katie Hafner’s letter to Sheryl deserves much sharing, and it may help others who endure a similar tragedy.  It is very well written and full of practical and philosophical advice from her own experience in suddenly losing her first husband at an early age.

Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated!

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