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Welcome to The Chemical Statistician!  My name is Eric Cai, and I share my knowledge and passion about statistics, chemistry, math, and career development on this blog.  My main interests in statistics are machine learning, statistical computing, applied statistics, and mathematical statistics.  My main interests in chemistry are physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, environmental chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.  I love to learn new concepts, solve interesting problems, and write easily understandable and usable code for statistical analyses and modelling.  I have extensive experience in programming in Python, R, MATLAB, SAS and SQL.  My passion for career development stems from my volunteering experience as a career advisor during my undergraduate degree, and I continue to share career advice in seminars at universities and professional conferences.

Occupationally, I am a statistician who specializes in data mining and machine learning.  I have worked in consumer packaged goods (CPG), marketing analytics, banking, medical research, industrial statistics, applied mathematics, market analysis, technology commercialization, and environmental chemistry. I am excited to help any organization that values my skills in statistical consulting, computer programming, public speaking, scientific research, writing and teaching.  I welcome any opportunity to use my technical proficiency and excellent interpersonal skills, and I hope to help organizations that value knowledge in statistics or chemistry and want to promote their services with social media, especially blogging.

Please share your insights and wisdom about statistics and chemistry with me on this blog and via Twitter @chemstateric!  This page contains more information on how best to contact me.

Work Experience

I work as a Senior Analyst on the Advanced Analytics team at Acosta.  I use advanced methods in statistics and mathematics to evaluate marketing campaigns for manufacturers and retailers in the field of consumer packaged goods (CPG). The 2 main components of my job are methodological research and business consultation; besides building algorithms to measure the effectiveness of marketing interventions, I also provide B2B customer service to internal stakeholders at Acosta about how to apply these algorithms to serve our corporate clients.

My past work experiences in statistics include data science consulting and digital marketing at at Environics Analytics, operational risk analytics and modelling at the Bank of Montreal, cancer surveillance at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, HIV research at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and industrial consultation and research at Predictum, a company that provides services in statistical consulting, statistical software development, and database management for a variety of industries.

My jobs have allowed me to specialize in machine learning, applied statistics, and medical statistics, and they inspire some of the topics in this blog.  These roles helped me to develop skills in methodological research, software development, client consultation/education, social-media marketing, brand management, data manipulation, data visualization, and data analysis.

My career in statistics began in Toronto in 2011, and I worked in Vancouver from 2013 to 2015.  I returned to Toronto in 2016 to begin a new job at the Bank of Montreal, and I subsequently joined Environics Analytics in August, 2016.  Before my career in statistics, I worked in applied mathematics, market analysis, media relations, university-industry technological commercialization, environmental chemistry, cardiac physiology, evolutionary biology, and bee biology.  I also volunteered as a learning and writing skills counsellor for 7 years and as a career advisor for 6 years.  I have tutored students in math, statistics, and chemistry since high school, and I also taught intermediate mathematical statistics courses to university students as a teaching assistant.

I have spoken often at industrial and professional seminars and conferences about statistics, and I aim to broaden my scope of public speaking to chemistry.  If you are part of an organization that works or is involved in statistics, analytics, data analysis, quantitative research, or chemistry, I would be happy to speak at your upcoming seminar or conference to tell you about my work or share my knowledge and passion about statistics and chemistry.  Please feel free to contact me, and I will respond to you as soon as I can!

I am the sole author of this blog, and it is not affiliated with any of my current or previous employers in any way.


I earned my Bachelor’s degree with a major in chemistry and a minor in math from Simon Fraser University, and I earned my Master’s degree in statistics from the University of Toronto.  I began this blog to reconnect with my intellectual roots, strengthen my grasp of the fundamentals of these subjects, and explore new frontiers in these exciting fields.

Volunteer Service

I have been dedicated to giving back to the community since adolescence.  Before coming back to Toronto, I was an executive member of the Vancouver SAS User Group (VanSUG), which organizes free and open meetings twice per year to allow users of SAS products to share their knowledge with each other.

During the inception of my statistics career, I was an active volunteer in the statistical community in Toronto.  I spoke regularly at industrial seminars on statistics and analytics, where I share my passion and knowledge about machine learning, data mining and statistical computing.  For the Southern Ontario Regional Association (SORA) of the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC), I organized a seminar series on business analytics in Toronto; you can also find out about its upcoming seminars on its LinkedIn group page.  As well, I coordinated the outreach and educational efforts of SORA to high schools and universities in southern Ontario.  I also organized regular seminars on biostatistics with the Toronto Applied Biostatistics Association (TABA).

During my undergraduate studies, I volunteered extensively at Simon Fraser University.  I was a Learning Skills Counsellor at the Student Learning Commons, and I was a Career Advisor at the Career Services Centre.  I have continued to contribute to the Career Services Centre by writing as a guest blogger on its Career Services Informer, a blog about career development.  You are welcomed to contact me and ask for advice about both technical and professional aspects of working in statistics, business and science; I may post it here or at the Career Services Informer.

Please view my professional highlights and LinkedIn profile to learn more about my professional accomplishments, experiences, and skills.

Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated!

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