Eric’s Enlightenment for Monday, May 4, 2015

In light of John Oliver’s recent video about standardized testing on “Last Week Tonight”, this edition of “Eric’s Enlightenment” will highlight some statistical discourse on standardized testing and measuring the impact of teachers.

  1. Raj Chetty, John Friedman and Jonah Rockoff published 2 papers in the American Economic Review on the long-term impact of teachers on a student’s development.  This web site contains links to the 2 papers plus a lot of supplementary information, including an executive summary, the STATA code, and a video presentation.
  2. The American Statistical Association released a statement on value-added models for educational assessment.  Chetty et al. responded to this statement.
  3. Moshe Adler criticized Chetty et al.’s study.  Chetty et al. responded to the initial criticism, and Adler responded to their rebuttal.  All 3 statements can be found here.
  4. Audrey Amrein-Beardsley compiled 86 academic articles on value-added models to assess the impact of teachers on student development.  Note that this list is sorted alphabetically.
  5. Diane Ravitch posts some commentary along with Margarita Pivovarova et al.’s full criticism of Chetty et al.’s study.