Eric’s Enlightenment for Tuesday, May 12, 2015

  1. A great list of public data sets on GitHub – most are free.
  2. Is the 4% withdrawal rule still effective for determining how much you can spend to attain perpetual retirement?
  3. Jeff Leek compiled a great list of awesome things that people did in statistics in 2014.  Here is his list for 2013.  (Hat Tip: Cici Chen and R-Bloggers)
  4. A video demonstration of the triple point of tert-butyl alcohol.

The Chemical Statistician: Syndication on R-Bloggers!

I am very pleased to announce that The Chemical Statistician has been syndicated by R-Bloggers!  I am grateful to be included in such a wonderful community of bloggers who share their passion about knowledge about R, and I hope that my posts are of use to its many readers.

Thank you, R-Bloggers!

My thanks to Tal Galili from R-Bloggers for visiting my blog and including me in his blog aggregator!  Tal has his own blog on R and statistics called the R-statistics blog.  Check it out!